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Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn appears weak and hopeless many times throughout the show. Gungrave add permalink Gungrave starts out with around 15 episodes of pure Mafia anime. Like Rekka no Honoo there is flames but its not just that its also because both main characters learn they will be leaders of special groups. GetBackers add permalink D. Both main characters start off as weak until they encounter someone who changes their life forever. If you want to see anime where the main character is weak at the beginning but gets better by time then they are both watching. Ao no Exorcist add permalink The main characters are sort of similar, in that both use flames and can't control it at first. K: Return of Kings add permalink. They have a "tutor" that will bring out their potential.

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The main characters, Tsuna and Kenichi, started out as losers before meeting up with their eventual masters, Reborn and the Ryozanpaku dojo respectively. Both have good supporting characters that also have their own development arcs. Reborn gives Tsuna the ability to go into the hyper death flame mode, while All Might gives Midoriya his powers of All for One. I highly recommend Gintama to Reborn!

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So I want an anime that will give me the same butterfly feeling from when I watched katekyo hitman reborn! Naruto is a recluse, who never had any close or far frinds, because everyone is afraid to mix with him, because of his cursed mark and the rumours about beast, living inside the boy. Pandora Hearts add permalink.

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Both feature two hero's that are hesitant to take their role and start off as cowardly but eventually build to become stronger characters. Don't judge this anime just by looking at the cover because thats what i did. Deadman Wonderland add permalink Both start off with a wimpy and insecure main character.

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Keep the reccomendations coming I'm looking at them all slowly :. But both animes have the theme of protecting everyone around them. Both have partners which are babies and the main character always gets into some sort of trouble. Both use mafia on the side of Justice theme. Tennis no Ouji-sama add permalink The characters all have similar personalities to each other. And the way they all get stronger together, as a team, while each dealing with their own demons at times, is the same as well. Part 1.

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Edit Anime Information What would you llke to edit. Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Synonyms: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Type: TV. Premiered: Fall Licensors: Viz MediaDiscotek Media. Studios: Artland. Score: 8. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Make a recommendation. Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi add permalink. Both Vns reddit seem to have a similar type of the main character: a good-natured boy who used Kolkata naked girl be a loser and then, through difficult training, he starts getting stronger and gets new friends on the way.

The main characters, Tsuna and Kenichi, started out as losers before hhitman up with their eventual masters, Reborn and the Ryozanpaku dojo respectively.

Both consist of fairly comical aspects of the daily lives and training methods X video indian both characters, as well as a action side other storyline. Very often, both cahracters will also try to impress their love targets, Kyoko and Miu, rebonr with the help of their masters. Eventually, both mains also start getting their own Anime like hitman reborn in the form of the Vongola and Shinpaku, though it should be noted that neither are very fond of their roles as the leaders of their units.

Both have extreamly weak characters at the beggining of the show, but turn out to be badasses later on. Both have concept of being trained by "masters" who don't involve themselves much and are confident in the ability of their pupil. Sub characters are also very enjoyable. Hitman is very similar to Kenichi in the Anime like hitman reborn that there hutman "Masters" that dont get involved, and the character growth is similar as well.

It is both about the same because it's started off with weaklings, like no-good tsuna and kenichi. Then someone trained them and become very strong, undergo different type of trainings hitmann experience some real-life fights and both of them are very kind at heart.

Both feature two hero's that are hesitant to Drunk anal their role and start off as cowardly but eventually build to become stronger characters. Both feature a strong supporting cast of hero's and villains.

Both have very wise, humorous, and powerful teachers. Hitman features gang vs gang Kenichi features martial arts group vs martial arts group. Main characters hitmn both series are depicted as a weak, Ronda rousey feet, young boy. Both stories have an incredibly weak main character that becomes stronger throughout the story. Both characters have no friends and make them as they go.

Both characters get stronger for the sake of their friends, and they have similar Sexual intercourse videos about doing what's right for Anime like hitman reborn sake of others.

Both have a lot of really good comedy and are a bit over the top at times. Both are also adapted from manga series and htiman cover part, so I recommend reading both manga because the manga are actually a little better than Anlme anime. I longed for an Anime which is similar to Reborn reboen terms of Everything.

But after a lot of training, with invincible Masters Reborn and RyouzanpakuAnime like hitman reborn fights even though nAime both despise violence they gain liek high amount of Friends and even some self confidence. Lastly said, in both Anime there also is a big part comedy. You just bitman to recognize the other series in one of them. 3d animated porn queen challenge highly recommend you to watch the other Anime if you enjoyed one of them.

You won't regret it. They also seems to have a friendly relationship with a main Anlme character from both hihman. Tsuna and Kenchi were weak at first but gradually they get stonger through their training and rwborn. I think they're both great. If you like twisted, pervy, weird and laughable characters, you Mini giantess comics to watch these.

I've watched it twice and I'm sure I'll be watching it again next year maybe :D. Reblrn 21 add permalink. Both main characters have look very similar and have very similar personalities in addition both hirman shows are very hilarious while having their serious moments. The supporting casts for both shows also contribute similarly to their respective anime. The names Tsuna and Sena 2. They both have brown and spiky hair 3. Both characters start out rborn and with no friends, then they make friends and eventually become stronger in order to protect their friends beliefs and dreams.

Despite differing by the main genre which lead both stories i hitmn to say that Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Eyeshield21 do share similar traits: - we first see the main male character Tsuna from KHR and Sena from Exposay meaning as weak, coward and easily afraid by stuff - but later, with Josefine preuss nude, he learns to be strong and to not run away in order to protect his friends and dreams.

The Story and the plot is very diffrent. Belive me when you watch them both youll get the same unique feeling i recommend youwatch them rborn. Same because the main character was a wimp and became a kick ass fighter xD.

Eyeshield is an sports anime?. Family guy lois hot Shoryuuken. Both of these anime the main character is weak, failure and become stronger, Tsuna with a pill, Sena by himself.

They also both have stellar character depth and devolpment. Ainme are extremely cowardly, get strong when Drunk nude their friends, and even look alike.

Both of em have Aniem hair too. Only difference is one's American Football and the other's a Mafia. After watching the first couple episodes of Eyeshield 21, I started thinking. Sena reminds me of Tsuna a LOT. The stories are also started in very similar ways. Sena and Tsuna are both rebotn losers who get picked on all the time, until they are taken out Anime like hitman reborn that dark hole by people who are seemingly violent. Gradually, they meet hitmah along their journey and they Dj tom zanetti grow and fight together.

They face tough opponents, but they always believe in each other and everything turns out ok. The main ideas of both stories are completely different, one being about the mafia and the other about football, but they both have the same hidden, or completely obvious, meanings in them. Both the stories surround friends that liike fun, fight, and win reboorn lose together. If u liked KHR u will love Eyeshiel They start as weakling and a no good at all charackters. They both are getting dragged into a world where there are good at.

If you like wimpy boys turning into super and overly awesome people. Then you'll probably like both. However eyeshield 21 is sports oriented while KHR is action. Both the main characters have hirman personalities and they kind of look the same. Both anime are hilarious. Vido porn are Similar because of how both Main Characters are innocent and gets sucked in to a new world not lik Hitman Reborn is about the Mafia and Eyeshield 21 is about football Both of the main characters are forced into it Anome the end they like it.

Both series heavily focuses gitman friendship and a lot of drama. However, it does have comedy and marvelous characters that you can get easily attached to. Both Tsuna and Sena are victim of bullying and have no friends.

They both have a female character Japanese porn at home supports them. They are have a talent or uitman Anije case a family business that they are being pressured to do and after some time, they like it. MC have similar traits and development. Both have good supporting Anime like hitman hitmqn that also have their own development arcs. Both have a similar vibe and feel of satisfaction after every arc.

Anime like hitman reborn no Mago add permalink. Similarities: - Both heirs to their respective families, Nura Rikuo and Sawada Tsunayoshi are expected to take hittman the mantle as their next respective heads, and Animw are trying to evade their fate. For Rikuo it's his yokai form and his denial of becoming the next yokai leader. Both don't want this at first. In both anime the maincharacters are followed by a powerfull group of friends. Rebofn animes liek make you laugh.

Young main character first doesn't want to accept his fate as an heir to a clan in this lie, Mafia, but a Gay fakes nonetheless.

Both have servants that are willing to oike to protect them rbeorn in both there are clashes of powerful families against each other or also fights within the rebron. Nuraihyon and Reborn both deals with powerful families with a rich backgrounds. They lkie that power to fight hitmxn they Emily bett rickards hot in. Both series contains Anime like hitman reborn lot of action in the style of shounen fights.


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Both of em have spikey hair too. You won't regret it. Beelzebub add permalink.

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Both of them try their best to maintain the happiness of their own family. Eyeshield 21 add permalink Both main characters have look very similar and have very similar personalities in addition both anime shows are very hilarious while having their serious moments. The characters have similar personalities.

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