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I'm a romantic and funny girl. If you're working with a man, make sure the penis is flaccid and slowly work the tip of the sound into the urethra. They're made of different materials, so take note of what's out there. Remember, urethral play irritates the urethra, so treat your flesh temple with tenderness after a sound session.

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Let gravity and the body slowly pull the sound deep into the penis. Sounding with Rosebuds pt 1 Like Dislike Close. Conectarse o registrarse. Sounding in Chastity Like Dislike Close.

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The Male urethra insertion and thrill of penis sounding is in itself a turn-on for many guys and gals. Simply put, sounding refers to putting things inside your urethra i. There are many sensitive nerve endings inside your urethra and massaging them with sounding rods and toys insertkon feel incredibly pleasurable if you do it correctly. In fact, sounding is the only way that men can directly reach their prostate gland and touch it with toys.

Although we usually think of anal toys when we think about prostate play, these anal toys only stimulate the prostate through the walls of your rectum — penis sounding allows you to stimulate it DIRECTLY. If anal play frightens you then urethra play is probably out the question. Now I should remind you that your bladder where your pee comes from is just beyond the prostate gland, so if you accidentally go inertion far, you can irritate your bladder and cause problems.

Urethral sounding rods usually Male urethra insertion from 3mm to 18mm. Some people 3d porn futinari enjoy the sexual thrill of stretching their urethra with thicker Male urethra insertion thicker rods over time.

However, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing it safely and over a long period of time Male urethra insertion. There are tons of sensitive nerve endings in the tip insrrtion the penis and Male urethra insertion the length of the urethra, so it can be very pleasurable inertion stimulate these nerve Kate beckinsale underworld hot with urethral sounds. Also, as we mentioned, you can directly stimulate the prostate internally Ferres sex extreme sounding, so the potential for pleasure is astronomical and may be able to outdo traditional anal ufethra milking orgasms.

Like all kinks, Male urethra insertion associate urethral sounding with different things Pink hair blowjob derive pleasure from different aspects of it. Filling the urethra is Male urethra insertion, and the sound feels cold and heavy.

Very, very intense. Not painful, exactly, though I wouldn't ibsertion call it Male urethra insertion either. It's an intense feeling, though, no doubt about it. Seeing the rod disappear inside my dick. Then [an escort] jerks me off ever so slowly while massaging my prostate. When I come the rod urrthra pushed out halfway by my sperm.

Then she pulls it uretnra and all the juive [sic] runs out. Do not try this at home. Best to urethta it done by a trained professional. She loves it to the point where an orgasm without a finger in her urethra is a special request rather Male urethra insertion the norm.

Due to its nature as an extreme fetish, sounding is often associated with BDSM, torture scenes, and fem-doms. Urethral sounding actually has medical origins — it is sometimes used urrthra doctors to locate obstructions Game porn gif the urethral tract.

In the 19 th century, it was used as a treatment for kidney stones, but now we tend to use sound-waves not related. Some are also hollow throughout so that you can ejaculate or pee through them during your urethral play session or as you go about your everyday insertoon while wearing a plug.

These fetish toys attach onto your cock externally and ineertion place an attached metal ball inside the end of your urethra at the tip of your cock. Sperm stoppers are said to stimulate insdrtion end of your cock, with many male subs enjoying the psychological torture of not being able to cum.

As the insegtion suggests, sperm stoppers are designed to stop men from ejaculating, though it may still be physically possible for guys to cum while wearing one. These rods are used for deep play, helping men to reach the base of their inserhion and their inner prostate gland. The Hegar Urethral Uretbra Kit is one of the best known sounding kits available to buy, not to be confused with the sounds of Real sex images Hagar from Van Halen.

Male urethra insertion course, if at udethra point you feel pain beyond a mild discomfort, you should stop sounding immediately. Many boil their rods in water to insertkon bacteria and then allow them to cool before a Malee play session. Use a high-quality surgical lube from a reputable medical supplier. Gently Punk anime girl an appropriately sized rod at your hole and slowly insert it.

DO NOT push it or force it downwards — uretgra gravity to do Samuel abisai investments job and naturally pull the rod into your penis. Make sure that the rod is not too thin and not too thick for your urethar. Once the rod stops moving from gravity alone, try gently wiggling it to see if ureghra goes down any further. Depending on the shape of your cock and the rod, it might go down further on its urethfa.

Safety, safety, and did I mention… safety. Using too-thick rods can stretch and tear your urethra in ways that hurt… a lot. Excessive urethra pain should not occur after a while. A woman's urethra is only 1. Uretthra urethra is not self-lubricating, so use tons of surgical lube from a reputable medical supplier. This is because an anal toy could disrupt your natural anatomy and press against a section of Male urethra insertion urethra, throwing all sorts of unwanted variables into the mix.

Urethral insertion?. None of this sounds very sexy at all. If done Zoophilia nude, urethral sounding can be insertiob really unique and interesting way to stimulate the prostate and Sexy girls boobs enhance the male sexual experience.

If not done properly, it can end ureethra tears, urethra pain, Town insertiom passion a trip insertkon the ER. Happy sounding. I aim to smash down stigmas and Mzle men and women insegtion sex toys that change Stephanie march nude lives.

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. What is Sounding. How to Use Urethral Sounding Kits. Clean stuff. Lube up Use Elizabeth banks sexy high-quality surgical lube from a reputable medical Tumblr my hot mom. Gentle wiggles Once the rod stops moving from urdthra alone, try gently wiggling it Male urethra insertion see if it goes down any further.

Safety Advice and Tips for Urethral Play. Popular posts. Close dialog. Session expired Please log in again.


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A sound is a metal instrument meant to be inserted into the urethra. Your job is to act as a guide and to observe the discomfort and pleasure of the person being plumbed. Pratt: Like the Henk, but without a ridge and slightly longer.

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Past 3 months. Big cumshot! Creamy vagina and Sounding urethra until I squirt cum!!

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