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Best gossip sites 2017. Top 15 Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites | July 2019

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Top 15 Celebrity Gossip Websites | July

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In a year that was bad for lots of reasons, I found one consistent source of joy: blind items. These salacious nuggets of only-possibly-true, anonymized celebrity gossip kept me going when everything else on the internet felt too unpleasant to read. What is better than spending a few minutes guessing which A-list actress is cheating on her husband with her director? Blind items, for the uninitiated, are short pieces of gossip in which the identities of the characters involved are not revealed. As Lainey Lui of Lainey Gossip explained to Vanity Fair last year, gossip writers use blind items to protect their sources and themselves from potentially litigious celebrities. The blinds, as a result, are wild and gossipy and fun to read.