Tb in deer images. Warning For Hunters: What Bovine Tuberculosis Is Doing In Deer

Tb in deer images. Bovine Tuberculosis in Wild White-tailed Deer: Background and Frequently Asked Questions

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Hunters warned to watch for bovine tuberculosis in deer

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Description of Bovine Tuberculosis: Bovine tuberculosis bovine Tb is a disease found in mammals caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium bovis M. Bovine Tb has been greatly reduced in the cattle industry since the National Cooperative State-Federal Bovine Tuberculosis eradication program began in Cattle, captive cervids, and wild white-tailed deer are considered reservoir hosts for bovine Tb. A reservoir host is a species in which bovine Tb can persist and be transmitted among individuals within a species or be transmitted to another species. The first case of bovine Tb in a wild white-tailed deer in Indiana occurred in August in Franklin County.