Is razr music legit. Review Razr Music at The Xube

Is razr music legit. Don’t Fall Music Industry Scams!

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Should You Pay for Music Promotion?

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Many independent artists are making a full-time living off the revenue generated from streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. Making your music available on those streaming platforms is just step 1 though; it guarantees nothing in terms of traction in the streaming age. Continued success on streaming platforms comes from a combination of good music, smart strategy, and action. Many of the streaming platforms have artist interfaces that allow you to customize your profiles, use on-platform marketing tools, and view analytics that may inform your efforts. Any service that guarantees streams or playlist placement in return for money is lying to you about their legitimacy. We never associate with services like that and anyone who tries to artificially increase stream counts will risk having their music taken down.