Fish jumping out of tank. All About Aquarium Fish: What causes fish jump out from tank?

Fish jumping out of tank. Fish jumping out of tank?

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All About Aquarium Fish: What causes fish jump out from tank?

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If you keep guppies, swordtails or other common species of tropical aquarium fish you have probably had a scare — or even a tragedy — with a fish jumping out of the tank. Certain species of fish, like those mentioned, tend to exhibit jumping behavior on a fairly frequent basis. But what is it that causes them to jump out of the tank and what is their goal in doing so? Seeing one of your beloved fish dried up on the carpet can be a saddening sight and, you may not see any conceivable purpose in the behavior. The reality is, however, that jumping out of water is a fairly common behavior and, in the natural environment of fish, it can serve several purposes. There are three main reasons why aquarium fish may jump out of the tank. In the wild, fish may jump out of the water to escape a predator.