Sex on the astral plane. If you meet someone in a dream are you meeting them on the astral plane? – The Awakened State

Sex on the astral plane. If you meet someone in a dream are you meeting them on the astral plane?

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Astral projection sex: The out-of-body bedroom experience you need to know about

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The unusual trend is all to do with astral projection, which is also known as having an out-of-body experience. Some people believe that the soul is able to consciously travel outside the body, an argument reinforced by recent scientific findings. For some, these feeling create the sensation of flying or falling, only to be sharply jolted awake moments later. Steve G. And astral sex combines this perfectly innocent feeling with β€” you guessed it β€” sex, to create intimate moments which are truly out of this world. The Star reports that astral sex can result in a deeper connection than regular sex, and can be even achieved whilst masturbating.